Wild­Fly 8 Book

JBoss Wildfly 8 book

Pub­lished: Jan­u­ary 2014

Author: Francesco Marchioni

Pages: 254

eBook (PDF) Price: 14,99
Print Book Price: 24,99 WildFly 8 book


JBoss Appli­ca­tion server is the most pop­u­lar open-​source Java appli­ca­tion server, renamed from this release and on as Wild­Fly. This book cov­ers all details on admin­is­tra­tion and man­age­ment aspect of this new excit­ing ver­sion of the appli­ca­tion server. Focus­ing exclu­sively on the man­age­ment instru­ments of the appli­ca­tion server, the book takes you through all of the lat­est archi­tec­tural and per­for­mance changes. You’ll progress from basic server con­fig­u­ra­tion to more advanced tech­niques for clus­ter­ing, JDBC con­nec­tiv­ity, log­ging, and much more.

What you will learn from this book:

  • How to install the appli­ca­tion server on Win­dows and Unix/​Linux sys­tems includ­ing details for installing it as a service
  • Steps for pack­ag­ing and deploy­ing web applications
  • Con­fig­ur­ing the ser­vices stack, includ­ing the new Under­tow Web subsystem
  • Deploy­ing Wild­fly 8 with the Apache Web server and mod_​cluster
  • Load bal­anc­ing and clus­ter­ing a farm of Wild­fly 8 servers
  • Mon­i­tor­ing Wild­fly 8 servers in real-​time by tap­ping into inter­nally main­tained statistics
  • Secure appli­ca­tions and encrypt their communication

Com­pli­ance with Wild­Fly 8.0.0.Final

Table of Contents

Chap­ter 1: Instal­la­tion
What is new in Wild­Fly 8?
Installing Wild­Fly 1
A look into the appli­ca­tion server file sys­tem
Start­ing Wild­Fly
Your first task: cre­ate an user to man­age Wild­Fly
Stop­ping Wild­fly
Installing Wild­Fly as Ser­vice

Chap­ter 2 Core Server con­fig­u­ra­tion
The two avail­able server modes
Under­stand­ing the server con­fig­u­ra­tion file
Con­fig­ur­ing Wild­Fly in Stand­alone mode
Con­fig­ur­ing Wild­Fly in Domain mode
Choos­ing between stand­alone mode and domain mode
Man­ag­ing the Wild­Fly domain

Chap­ter 3 Deploy­ing appli­ca­tions
File sys­tem deploy­ment
Deploy­ing using the Web inter­face
Deploy­ing the appli­ca­tion using the CLI
Deploy­ing appli­ca­tions using Maven

Chap­ter 4 Con­fig­ur­ing Data­Base con­nec­tiv­ity
Con­fig­ur­ing a Data­source using the Admin­is­tra­tion con­sole
Cre­at­ing a Data­source using the Com­mand Line Inter­face
Con­fig­ure the XA Data­source
Con­fig­ur­ing a Data­source as a deploy­able resource
Advanced Data­source configuration

Chap­ter 5 Con­fig­ur­ing Web­server & EJB Con­tainer
Enter­ing Under­tow Web server
Con­fig­ur­ing the Under­tow server Pool
Con­fig­ur­ing the Under­tow IO Buffer Pool
Con­fig­ur­ing the EJB con­tainer

Chap­ter 6 Con­fig­ure Log­ging
Wild­Fly default log­ging con­fig­u­ra­tion
Con­fig­ur­ing Log Han­dlers
Fil­ter­ing Logs
Con­fig­ur­ing the Root Log­ger
Con­fig­ur­ing Log­ging Cat­e­gories
Other Log­ging con­fig­u­ra­tion files

Chap­ter 7 Con­fig­ur­ing JMS Ser­vices
Hor­netQ build­ing blocks
Con­fig­ur­ing JMS Con­nec­tions
Cre­at­ing JMS Des­ti­na­tions
Con­fig­ur­ing Mes­sage Per­sis­tence
Rout­ing Mes­sages to other des­ti­na­tions
JMS Clus­ter­ing
Advanced JMS Clus­ter­ing with data replication

Chap­ter 8 Class­load­ing and mod­ules
What are mod­ules ?
Patch­ing the appli­ca­tion server mod­ules
Con­fig­ur­ing sta­tic mod­ules
Con­fig­ur­ing dynamic mod­ules
Con­fig­ur­ing mod­ule Depen­den­cies
Advanced Class­load­ing policies

Chap­ter 9 Wild­Fly clus­ter­ing
Wild­Fly clus­ter­ing build­ing blocks
Clus­ter­ing stand­alone nodes
Con­fig­ur­ing a clus­ter of domain nodes
Con­fig­ur­ing the clus­ter trans­port
Con­fig­ur­ing clus­ter­ing caches
Changes in clus­ter­ing from an AS7 per­spec­tive
Man­ag­ing the Cache Stor­age: File Store and JDBC Cache store

Chap­ter 10 Load­Bal­anc­ing appli­ca­tions
Con­fig­ur­ing Apache mod_​jk
Con­fig­ur­ing mod_​cluster
Advanced mod_​cluster con­fig­u­ra­tion
Con­fig­ur­ing HA for remote EJB clients

Chap­ter 11 Appli­ca­tion Server Man­age­ment with CLI
Start­ing the Com­mand Line
Using the CLI
Con­struct the CLI com­mands
Advanced CLI fea­tures
Tak­ing snap­shots of your con­fig­u­ra­tion
Run­ning the CLI in graph­i­cal mode

Chap­ter 12 Secur­ing Wild­Fly
Intro­duc­ing Secu­rity
Wild­Fly Secu­rity Domains
Con­fig­ur­ing Role Based Access Con­trol
Con­fig­ur­ing HTTPS using the Under­tow subsystem

Sam­ple Chapter

You can freely read Chap­ter One, Installing Wild­Fly 8.

Addi­tion­ally, an excerpt from Chap­ter 5 is avail­able on Java Code Geeks.