Entering Websphere Console

The Websphere administrative console is a browser-based interface used to administer applications, services, and other resources at a cell, node, server, or cluster scope. You can use the console with stand-alone servers and with deployment managers that manage all servers in a cell in a networked environment.

In each administrative console, you can find a set of areas which are arranged as portlets, so they can be resized as desired. The actual aspect of the Websphere Console depends on the profile you are running; for example a Deployment Manager profile will display a wider set of options for managing the federated nodes. Independently from the server profile, any WAS profile displays the following basic structure:

websphere application server network deployment websphere application server network deployment

Following here is some detail about the single Console areas:

1. Navigation Tree

The navigation tree on the left side of the administrative console offers links for you to view,

select and manage components. Clicking a “+” beside a tree folder or item expands the tree for the folder or item. Clicking a “-“ collapses the tree for the folder or item. The content displayed on the right side of the administrative console, the workspace, depends on the folder or item selected in the tree view.

2. Workspace

The workspace, on the right side of the administrative console, allows you to work with your administrative configuration after selecting an item from the administrative console navigation tree.

3. Messages

When you perform administrative actions, messages are shown at the top of the workspace to display the progress and results.  When configuration changes have been made, the message area will contain links that you can click to review or save the changes. (See recipe “Saving Configuration changes”)

4. Help Area

On the right side of the administrative console, the help portlet displays the Help area.  As you hover the mouse over a field, help text will be displayed for that field. Besides this, this page displays an equivalent Jython scripting command for the action you just performed.  

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