Configuring a Connection Factory with Websphere default provider

We will now show how to configure a Queue Connection Factory using the default Websphere default JMS provider:

  1. Start by selecting Resources > JMS > Queue Connection factories.
  2. In the Queue Connection factories window, choose the scope, and then click New.

 configure jms connection factory websphere broker

In the next screen, you will need to associate the Connection Factory with a JMS Provider. Select “Default messaging provider


configure jms connection factory websphere broker 

Click OK to continue. Next you will enter the Connection Factory General Properties as shown here:

configure jms connection factory websphere broker 

The mandatory fields are the Connection Factory Name (which will be used as display name) and the JNDI name binding for the resources.

The actual list of Connection Factory properties is quite large and it’s beyond the scope of this book to discuss about them all. If you want to learn more, consult Websphere AS Messaging guide (

Click OK. The new connection factory is now created. Save the changes to the master configuration

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