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Configuring the JBoss EAP module path

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JBoss EAP features a full modular architecture where you can easily plug-in and remove libraries in order to create a customized server distribution. By default, the application server modules are searched in the location specified by the environment variable JBOSS_MODULEPATH. This variable defaults to the JBOSS_HOME/modules folder; you can however specify a new or an additional path for your modules by setting this variable in your OS environment.

Example: (Linux users):



You can alternatively boot the server using the -mp switch which by default uses the path specified by JBOSS_MODULESPATH variable.

Since there can be multiple paths available in the JBOSS_MODULESPATH subsystem, the following loading precedence applies:





The above behavior makes it relatively straightforward to define a common repository for your EAP installations: in the following example, there’s a shared module repository in /var/lib/modules and a corresponding symbolic link in each distribution pointing to the common repository:

jboss eap tutorial jboss eap