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Enterprise Application Server Cookbook

Enterprise application servers cookbook jboss websphere weblogic
Enterprise application servers cookbook jboss websphere weblogic

Published: September 2013

Author: Francesco Marchioni

Pages: 606

 eBook (PDF) Price: 9.99 €

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Who dares to learn the three most popular application servers in a week ? this book is the perfect guide for learning about the core Industry middleware products with practical 5 minute recipes and detailed comparison between each product.

Some answers that you will find here include: What is the difference between a JBoss AS domain and an Oracle Weblogic domain ? How do you bundle a datasource along with your application in all three application servers ? How to configure an application that runs without an hitch on all application servers ? What about failover and HA? How to port a WAS clustered application to JBoss EAP or viceversa ? Talking about second level cache, how do you activate it on each application server ? Three one minute recipes to install and configure a development environment ….

These are only a few examples of the many recipes that you will find in this 600 pages book!

More in detail here is how the book is organized:

  • Part I discusses about Oracle Weblogic Server, which is one of the core components of Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Part II is about JBoss Enterprise Application Platform the commercial product from Red Hat derived from the popular open source application server (JBoss AS).
  • Part III discusses about IBM Websphere which is the IBM product for developing and running Java enterprise software.

Each part is in turn divided into 11 Chapters which are re-iterated on each application server in order to provide an immediate comparison and quick reference to all aspects related to the configuration, administration and management of the application servers.  

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Chapter 1, Application server installation: How to download and install Oracle WLS, JBoss EAP and IBM Websphere. 
Chapter 2, Application server Configuration: The application server file system and its core components. How to perform basic management operations.
Chapter 3, Configuring Database connectivity: How to configure a data source connection to a Database. How to define the scope of a data source (server level / application level) on each application server.
Chapter 4, Application servers pool configuration: Configuring the core pool services including EJB pool and caches, Thread pools and Web server pool configuration. 
Chapter 5, Configuring Logs: locating the application server’s logs. Customizing the logging type and format. How to apply application servers’ specific logging extensions . 
Chapter 6, Setting up Java Messaging Service: Configuring JMS on each application server, leveraging the built-in JMS provider features. 
Chapter 7, Developing applications: How to install a development environment for each application server. Common development best practices to increase applications’ portability. 
Chapter 8, Deploying applications: How to deploy Java EE applications using different management instruments. Activating auto-deploy feature on each application server.
Chapter 9, Clustering: how to configure multiple application nodes working together to provide increased scalability and reliability. 
Chapter 10, Advanced Server Management: learning to use the built-in command line instruments in order to provide advanced management functionalities
Chapter 11, Security: introducing Security concepts. How to configure authentication and authorization services. Managing secure communication via the Secure Socket Layer protocol.
Appendix, The Appendix of the book contains some extra goodies for you, such as a reference for generating security keys for your application (referenced in Chapter 11) a quick set up guide for comnfiguring OpenLdap (referenced as well in Chapter 11) and finally an Administration cheat sheet is included for each application server which contains the most common administration checkpoints for a quick reference.

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The Author 
Francesco Marchioni is an OpenGroup and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect employed for an Italian company based in Rome. Over the past 5 years, he has started an IT portal focused on JBoss products ( and has authored the following titles:


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The Print version of the eBook is available on Lulu bookstore. Print Book Price: 29,99 €

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