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The jboss.org domain is a vast ocean of projects and frameworks which most of Java developers and administrators have used in their projects. In this book we will try to teach you how you can greatly boost your productivity by sharpening your skills on some specific open source frameworks.

The book is broadly divided in a set of chapters, each one approaching a particular area.We will be starting from the shell, which is the beginning of everything and you will learn how to add super powers to it and automate its tasks in the most effective way.

We will be then moving to specific projects or API such as Byteman, JMX API, JBoss Forge, Windup which, from different angles, can let you complete complex tasks in a very effective and time saving way.

The book couldn’t be complete with some effective highlights on the Container and Dev/Ops stuff which, being the hype of the IT right now, reclaim its place and we have some mind-clearing recipes for that as well!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Power and administration to your shell, contains resources and hacks that will supercharge your administration skills and learn how to automate your JBoss daily’s administrator tasks with Ansible framework

Chapter 2Getting smart with JMX, covers both tool based and programmatic approach  to get the most out of the javax.management API with the JBoss.org products

Chapter 3: Byteman hacks, will teach you all you need for coding some simple to advanced Byteman rules and Helper classes which will let you to debug, simulate faults or alter behavior of the application server

Chapter 4: Time-saving Docker hacks, contains a collection of the most useful hacks you can use to manage JBoss projects and deploy applications on a Docker container

Chapter 5: Maven Hacks, discusses about how to use the best Maven plugins to improve the management of your applications, the quality of your code, keep it safe from security issues and potential bugs and take it to a Paas

Chapter 6: Get Dangerously productive with JBoss Forge, contains a complete set of resources to create JEE projects  and microservices (SpringBoot and WildFly swarm), Database set up and reverse engineering, and how to extend Forge coding your own add-ons

Chapter 7: JBoss CLI hacks, is about advanced tactics for the  Command Line interfaces such as deployment repository management, usage of variables and aliases, functions and classes, profile reverse engineering.

Chapter 8: Openshift essentials, discusses how to become quickly productive with Openshift Paas in 8 steps, spanning from installation to deployment and configuration management.

Chapter 9: Migrate applications with Windup, how to use this amazing project to simplify the migration from other major application servers and to upgrade existing server installations to newer releases.