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Configure Weblogic Managed Servers Properties

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Once that you have created the Weblogic Managed Server, you will be able to customize its properties by clicking on the Server Configuration | General tab. Once there, you can customize the server listening port and select as well the server Machine which is associated with this server.


Associating a server with a Machine it’s necessary in order to be able to use the Node Manager process to manage the single servers.

1.       Associate the server with a Machine 

From the Configuration | General sub tab, associate the server with the “Machine1” machine that we have created just before. As we haven’t yet defined a cluster, you can leave its combo box as “Stand-Alone” as depicted by the following picture:

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2.     Define the Server Listen address

The second important attribute that you can define is the server Listen Address.

Weblogic Servers can be reached through the following URL: protocol://listen-address:listen-port
By default, a server’s listen address attribute is undefined, which enables you to reach the server through any of the following listen addresses:

  •  The primary IP address of the computer that hosts the server
  •  The host DNS name
  •  The localhost string (valid only for requests that are issued from the computer on which the server is running)

If the server instance must be accessible both from localhost and from remote processes, leave the listen address blank. Otherwise, if you want to limit the valid listen address for a server, just specify either the IP address or the corresponding DNS name (processes that specify localhost will fail to connect).

If you are on the hook for server comparison between Oracle WLS and JBoss EAP you should have noticed that -by default- Oracle WLS enables reaching your servers from remote clients. The same does not happen with JBoss EAP which by default binds server names to the loopback address ( host only.