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Configuring Weblogic using the Console

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Through the Administration Console, System administrators can easily perform all WebLogic Server management tasks without having to learn the low level API or the underlying management architecture. The Administration Server persists changes to attributes in the config.xml file for the domain you are managing.

In the following recipes we will learn how to move our first steps with the Administration Console; as we said, the Administration Console is accessible by default at the following address: http://localhost:7001/console.

Now type in the user and password you have entered in the server installation. Once logged in, here is how the Administration Console looks like:

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As you can see, the Administration Console is composed of several panels; the most interesting ones for us are the following:

1.       The Change Center Panel

To provide secure and predictable means for distributing configuration changes in a domain, Weblogic Server uses a change management process that loosely resembles a database transaction. Therefore, you need to acquire the configuration with a Lock & Edit before performing changes on it and commit changes using the Release Configuration.

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In development environment, the lock-acquire and release is done automatically for you by Oracle WLS. If you want to modify this behavior, you have to go through the upper Preferences link and disable the flag “Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate Changes

2.     The Domain Structure Panel

This panel is a tree that you can use to navigate into the application server’s resources. Click on any of the nodes in the Domain Structure tree to go to that page. Click the “+” (plus) icon in the Domain Structure to expand a node and the “-“(minus) icon to collapse the node. Once selected an item from the domain, the focus is on the Main panel window:

3.     The Main Panel

This is the core panel where you perform your administration tasks on your resources. Every operation is usually performed through intuitive wizards which are displayed in this panel.