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Oracle Weblogic Configuration File

WLS core configuration file, named config.xml, is located in the config folder of your domain:


Although this file is a well-formed XML document (that you can modify using a text editor), you should think of it as a database that you would only directly update under unusual circumstances. It contains the core configuration parameter settings for each server, cluster and resource in the domain. As you can see from the following code snippet, the Java EE resources such as data sources and JMS resources are included in a separate XML file respectively in the jdbc and jms subfolders:

<domain>     <name>base_domain</name>    <domain-version></domain-version>  . . . . .    <jms-system-resource>      <name>SystemModule-0</name>      <target>WLSNode1,AdminServer</target>      <descriptor-file-name>jms/systemmodule-0-jms.xml</descriptor-file-name>    </jms-system-resource>       <jdbc-system-resource>      <name>Oracle Datasource</name>      <target>WLSCluster</target>      <descriptor-file-name>jdbc/Oracle_Datasource-7849-jdbc.xml</descriptor-file-name>    </jdbc-system-resource>  . . . . .  </domain>

 In the next recipes we will show some more details about the Web administration console.