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Starting a Managed Server from the command line

The other approach which can be used to start up your Weblogic Managed Servers is the good old shell. This approach does not require using the Node Manager. Just move to the DOMAIN_HOME/bin folder and issue the startManagedWeblogic command passing as argument the NodeName and (optionally) the Server’s Admin Address and port. The server will then prompt to enter username and password. Here’s an example on a Windows box:

cd C:\wls1211_dev\user_projects\domains\base_domain\bin  C:\wls1211_dev\user_projects\domains\base_domain\bin>startManagedWebLogic.cmd WLSNode1 http://localhost:7001 Enter username - password

Server not starting?

A common cause of errors can be raised if the Managed Server could not find the Native Library to read the password securely from command line in the PATH or if is set. If so, you should find a message like this on the server’s console:

“Server is Running in Development Mode and Native Library(terminalio) to read the password securely from commandline is not found.”


In order to solve it, verify that terminalio library exists in the path. You can set this by specifying -Djava.library.path to the directory where this library exists or you can use into the JAVA_OPTIONS of your startManagedWeblogic.cmd to enter the password in echo mode.

Finally, another possible solution is mentioned at the end of this chapter, in the recipe “How to configure WebLogic Server to bypass username/password prompt?