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Deploying applications with Oracle WLS

Deploying applications with Oracle WLS can be done using a variety of instruments:

  • Using the Eclipse environment: this is the favourite option for developers, as it allows deploying applications as you are coding, using just one instrument.
  • Using the WebLogic console: this is a multi-purpose option which is recommended in case you are deploying your applications from/to a remote environment or if you don’t know the exact name or location where your deployments are.
  • Using the WLST scripting language: this option comes to your rescue in case you have to perform some batch deployments, or you want to automate your deployments while adding some logic to it. This option is discussed in the chapter 10 “Managing Oracle WLS with WLST”.
  • Using the class weblogic.Deployer: thisis, as well, a shell script solution which has been available since the very first releases of WLS. It can be still useful if you don’t need all the power of the WLST scripting language.

Deploying applications from Eclipse

Once that you have installed the OEPE, you should be able to see, in the Server Tab, the Oracle WebLogic Server icon:

Right-click on it and choose “Add or Remove” option; this will allow you delivering applications on your server.

If you want to specify the list of servers on which your application will be deployed, right-click on the application server and choose “Properties”. Expand the WebLogic | Publishing | Advanced option as depicted by the following picture:

From there, you can choose which servers will be elected as Target servers for your application. Once you are done, return to the Server icon and Right-click and choose “Publish”.