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Installing Oracle Weblogic using the Generic Installer

Installing the Generic Installer distribution

The generic installer distribution can be used to install Oracle WLS on any supported 32 or 64 bit platform. The installation process is essentially the same as the full installer but you need to be aware of a few things before getting started:

  • This distribution does not include a JDK therefore it’s your duty to check that you have a correctly installed JDK. You should set as well the JAVA_HOME pointing to the folder where Java is installed and update the System PATH accordingly.
  • This distribution can be installed by using a terminal Window.


Here’s how to proceed with the installation:

Linux users:

$ export JAVA_HOME=/home/myhome/myjavahome   $ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

Windows users:

set JAVA_HOME=yourJavaInstallPath   set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%/bin;%PATH% 

Now you can move on with the installation by executing:

java –jar wls_121200.jar

Once uncompressed the archive, you can follow the same steps depicted in the Full Installer distribution.