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Installing Oracle Weblogic

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Oracle Weblogic products are available at:

From the download area, you can access to the Oracle Fusion Middleware software.

These distributions are intended to use for development only. If you are a licensed customer you can obtain Oracle Weblogic server at Oracle Software Delivery cloud at (



As you can see from the Oracle network site, there are basically three types of distributions of Oracle WLS:

  • Full Installer 32 bit: this distribution is platform specific and includes Oracle WLS, Oracle Coherence and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. It is meant for installation with a 32bit JVM only.
  • Generic: this distribution is platform independent and can be used to install Oracle WLS on any supported 32bit or 64bit platform. It ships as a generic archive and includes Oracle WLS and Oracle Coherence.
  • Zip distribution: this distribution is also platform independent and contains barely Oracle WLS to be extracted from a compressed archive.

 And here’s a snapshot from Oracle portal where you are going to download Oracle WLS:

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You need at first to accept the license agreement in order to proceed. Next, you will be prompted to enter Oracle Single Sign-on user name and password (former registration required). Once done with login, download will start.

Installing Oracle WLS using the Platform Installer

The simplest way to install the whole platform bundle is the Full Installer which can be carried out with a simple and intuitive wizard. Once downloaded the installer execute (Windows):


On Linux:

chmod a+x oepe- ./oepe-

 The install wizard will start and you will be asked to complete the following steps:

1.       Choose Middleware Home Directory

You need at first to specify the Middleware Home directory that will serve as the central support directory for all Fusion Middleware products installed on the target system, including WebLogic Server.

If you already have a Middleware Home directory on your system, it is recommended that you select the “Use an existing Middleware Home” and then browse that directory. Otherwise, simply select the “Create a new Middleware Home”and enter its name as shown by the following picture: 

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books 

Click Next to continue.

2.     Register for Security Updates

Specify whether you want to register the product installation with My Oracle Support. By registering, Oracle Support notifies you immediately of any security updates that are specific to your installation.

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Click Next to continue.

3.     Installing Oracle WLS

Now the server installation will start. There are two types of installation you can perform:

  • Typical: All the software components included in your distribution are installed on your system. Typical installation does not include the Server Examples.
  • Custom: You select the software components to be installed. On Windows systems, you also have the option to install Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager as a Windows service. If you want to install the Server Examples, you must select this option.

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Click Next to continue.

4.     Choose products and Components

This screen displays a tree view of all the components available for installation. Specify the components to be installed by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes.

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books

The suggested product installation requires that you install at least the Core Application Server, the Administration Console and Weblogic JDBC Drivers. Click Next to continue.

5.     JDK Selection

This screen displays a list of JDKs. Select the JDK that you want to install with the product.You can also browse and select a local JDK (at least 1.6.0_05) installed on your machine.

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Click Next to continue.

6.     Choose product installation directories

Specify the directories in which you want to install the products (WebLogic Server and Coherence, if applicable).

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books

Click Next to continue and confirm your product installation directories in the next screen.

7.     Install WLS as Service

Choose whether you want to install Oracle WLS as service. For example, if you are running the Installer on Windows, in this screen you will be able to configure the WLS Node Manager service as System boot service. The Node Manager is used to monitor, start and stop server instances in a WebLogic domain. If you choose to defer the installation of the Node Manager as a service, you will need to install it manually (See Chapter 2 “Starting the Node Manager” for more info about it).

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books

Click Next to continue.

8.     Choose Shortcut Location

Specify the Start menu folder in which you want the Start menu shortcuts to be created

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books

When the installation program has finished copying the specified files to your system, click Next to continue. Once completed, you can move to the next step, that is creating a new WLS domain and start the application server (See recipe “Creating a Weblogic Domain” contained in this chapter).

Running the Installer Program in Console Mode

If you got as little as a terminal you can still execute the Platform Installer in Console Mode. To start the installation program in Console Mode, open a terminal window and go to the directory that contains the installation program.

Launch the installation by entering the name of the installation program passing -mode=console.     For example, to start the WebLogic Server Package installer for Windows in console mode, enter:

oepe- -mode=console

 On Linux:

chmod a+x oepe- ./oepe- -mode=console

 Where file_name.bin is the name of your installation program.