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How to configure Oracle Weblogic Web server pool

In Oracle Weblogic there is not specific setting for the Web server thread pool; in order to control the number of threads used by your application, you can simply create a Global or scoped WorkManager and configure it with MaxThreadConstraints.


In the following example we are defining in weblogic.xml a Work Manager with a 100 Threads constraints and a capacity of 120 Threads (this means that the web application will have a backlog of 20 requests when all 100 Threads are busy):

<wls:weblogic-web-app>      <wls:context-root>WorkManagerWebApp</wls:context-root>       <wls:work-manager>          <wls:name>myCustomWorkManager</wls:name>          <wls:max-threads-constraint>              <wls:name>100MaxThreads</wls:name>              <wls:count>100</wls:count>          </wls:max-threads-constraint>           <wls:capacity>              <wls:name>120MaxCapacity</wls:name>              <wls:count>120</wls:count>          </wls:capacity>      </wls:work-manager>  </wls:weblogic-web-app>